Thursday, May 23, 2013

The End Of The Year! Gifts, Frogs, Rocks, & More

Winding up a school year is always a bittersweet experience.
The students and I created a community of learners!
We had a ball in kindergarten!
 As we say goodbye to the current building,
I thought you might enjoy a picture of our classroom,
viewed from end to end.
We are moving to a new location, where my room will be
roughly 1/3 of the classroom pictured.
I'll need tips and advice!!
 Over the year, we learned to navigate the iPad,
played games at stations rotations,
participated in the scientific process,
and led routines at circle time!
The Mother's Day bouquets were beautiful!
 Our last art project was a self portrait; good job!
We explored more camouflage facts through this art project.
The children used water/glue to cover the chameleon template 
with tissue paper, then "hid" him on a rainbow!
These beach prompts were done during 
Check out the shark, roasting a hot dog!

We wrote facts about frogs and practiced cutting 
circles from squares for frog eyes.  
Some frogs were a bit more...agressive...than others!
These phrases were our answers to the statement
"This year, I learned (to)........"
I can see that character development really did have an impact!
We made Pet Rocks!  And habitats!
-A Room With A View, pictured above-
-An Interior Design Wonder, pictured below-
Field Day*Water Bucket Race
As we look forward to a new year, I leave you with this
picture of a new dawn
taken by Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield.
He recently returned to Earth after a visit to the
International Space Station.
You can see his photo stream HERE, on Twitter.
The pictures are amazing!

Our kindergarten adventure is over, but the children 
decided they would like to "do school" over the summer!  
Each week, I'll send them an email containing the title 
of a new book, the web address for a new video or app, 
and a fact from Wonderopolis!
Looking for a way to keep your students moving forward?
Check out this page at Lakeshore
to view summer learning activities.
You can download calendars for PreK-K and gr. 1-3.
I sent this link to my students' families, striving to save $ on paper and printing!


  1. Congratulations on finishing out the year strong!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Yay, I love the frogs... I need to do that next year! Love your end of year gifts too, looks like the end of the year was pretty sweet!


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