Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One Word 2015 *free template*

My OneWord365 for 2015 hit me like a bolt of lightning!

2015 will mark the beginning of my journey into graduate school! 
I'll be working towards an MA in Literacy with a Reading Certification.
I'm beyond excited, nervous as a cat, and blissfully naive. 

The OneWord365 Resolution has been life-changing for me.
As I look back on 2013 ~Listen~, and 2014 ~Love~,
I see places in my heart and soul 
where these words have left definite marks. 
I'm excited to see where ~Learn~ will take me!

Do you need a template for your 2015 word?
Save the image below and insert it into a document
-I use PowerPoint-
where you can add a text box for your word!
If you decide to use it, 
please consider leaving a comment
and sharing your word.

Happy New Year!