Saturday, January 3, 2015

January Currently

A big thanks to Farley for creating Currently and keeping it alive!

Listening…. Ahhhh, it is close to midnight and I do not want to let go of Saturday.

Loving…. In little bits here and there over the break, I worked on report cards.
They were due yesterday, by the end of our first day back at school.
Thankfully, it was a work day! 

Thinking…. The better part of this evening was spent in reading.
When the tears began to silently stream down my cheeks,
I snuck into the kitchen with the computer to finish reading 
"The Matchmaker", without waking my husband.
I'm so glad that I chose this to be my first read of 2015; the book is excellent!

Wanting…. goes along with Needing….and Maybe.

Yes…. I'm going back to school!
~MAed Literacy Specialist with Reading Certification~
I'm wondering if I should have taken one class, not two, this semester.
I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions for successfully making it through 
grad school while teaching full time and managing life :-)!

I wish…. Doesn't every kindergarten teacher have a book in her/his heart?
Maybe I will someday write books for the children I currently teach-
books in which they see themselves and their own 
unique, beautiful, strong, special stories.

Happy New Year!