Friday, July 27, 2012

Picture Books For The First Week Of Kindergarten

I'm linking up with First Grade Found Me!

My county library created a nifty way to save books in lists.
One of my fav activities this summer has been leisurely browsing the website, searching for books by theme.
When I am ready to request them, I need only to click the list!
Hurray!  No more frantic searching on Friday for 
available books which are needed on Monday morning.

This is a screen shot of my list for "beginning of kindergarten":
(This is a partial picture.)

Which books am I most looking forward to sharing?
She is an unusual girl and you will fall in love with her!
My class was still requesting this book at the end of the year.

There is a surprise ending in this story!

The illustrations (and the tone) are priceless.

This Kitty covers the alphabet with personality and attitude.
I break out several accents for this read-aloud.

My kindergartners will be singing this on the first day!

Splat is our class mascot.  He visits everyone's home, several times throughout the year.
(Must add "create Splat's journal" to the growing to-do list)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dog Days....Literally

Shiloh is our precious beagle.
He is in dog heaven, having us all home to fuss over him.  When one of us is gone, he stations himself at the front window.
 I'm anticipating doggy withdrawal, 
as we all go back to school.  
Shiloh chewed a hot spot on his tail after the Christmas holidays
and I want to avoid another $$$ trip to the vet.
Any ideas??!!
Love you, buddy.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Sayings~You...

While reading "How To Eat A Cupcake" 
(a yummy novel by Meg Donohue), 
I froze as I read this sentence.
The past few weeks have been stressful, in regards to the future.   I've swung between excitedly prepping for school and 
wrapping myself in a blanket of reality tv.  
There is the doing and the avoiding.  
And the praying. 

No matter what, my attitude will frame the coming days. 
I am responsible for my own experience.
If my class is small, I can choose to embrace a new adventure or I can lament the sibling-like atmosphere.  If my paycheck is sketchy, I can rehearse the what-ifs on an endless loop or I can thank God everyday that I get paid to do something I love.

This saying is my mantra for the new school year.
Save.  Print.  Frame.

(Hop over to Tammy's blog, Forever In First, 
the birthplace of Saturday Sayings!)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Book Character Would You Be? Linky!

Fun!  Miss Trayers at Not Just Child's Play
is hosting a linky: 
If you could choose one character from a children's story to describe yourself--who would it be? 

Do I have red hair?  No.  
Was I an orphan?  No.
Do I live in Nova Scotia?  Unfortunately, no.
Do I have a perspective on life that embraces deep thoughts 
and forever friendships?  YES!

Anne Shirley came into my life in the summer after high school graduation.  During those months that were filled with dreams of a bright, shiny future--and a whirlwind romance with my first real love--I read every L.M. Montgomery book that I could find.  Following Anne and Gilbert on their childhood journey of friendship, and eventual marriage, fed my fantasies.  I also hoped to find a friend like Diana, a friend who would grow old with me.  I'm certain that Anne's profession influenced me as I chose education as my major.  (Props must also go to "Christy", Catherine Marshall's heroine!)  Most definitely, a search for Ms. Montgomery's books led me to the children's section of the library at Truman State.  I haven't been without a book nearby in over thirty years.

(Megan Follows is brilliant as Anne in the movie adaptation.)
My daughter turned 14 this week; mmm, a perfect time to be introduced to one of my favorite characters!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Pretty As A Picture

Aren't they lovely?
This picture was snapped at the Farmer's Market in Seattle.
Peonies always make me sigh at their beauty... and then smile.

I needed a smile today.  While some of you may be apprehensive about large class sizes, I have been gripped with insomnia, fretting over small classes.  In my long life, I've had many reasons to stand on faith, but I find myself worrying this challenge like a dog with a bone.  Laying it down and letting it go is so, so difficult.  

My kindergartners are being prayed for by name.  I ask God on what seems to be an hourly basis to seek and find the children He wants to place in my class.  Passing the school supplies in our fav stores, I thank God for my job.  I'm in full-on intercession mode, just short of fasting.  Even in my (rare) dreams, I'm singing songs of praise, hoping to bring down Jericho.  If you are a believer, would you please remember my school?   

Friday, July 13, 2012

Supply List....Done!

Supply lists and welcome letters were mailed to 
my new kindergartners today!  

The border can be found here, courtesy of 
Graphics From The Pond!
The supply list, as a pdf, can be found here.

Truly, having a stash of bandaids on hand in the classroom was a blessing last year.  Would you believe the kindergartners went through twelve boxes?  Our school does not have a full-time nurse, or health room, so keeping bandaids in the classroom is also helpful for the secretary.  She is the keeper of the ice packs--a daily need, it seems--so I am happy to help her out by dealing with the scrapes and hangnails of my little ones.

What is your most-prized supply?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

ABCs of Kindergarten for Parents~~Freebie!

I've tweaked my Kindergarten ABCs document 
to make it customizable.  
(It works!  Download it as a DOCX file when prompted.)
This handout is written with a Christian school viewpoint, 
but I am hoping everyone can change what they need to change. 
I'd love for you to download it and see if it works for you.

I copy this back to back and include it in my 
welcome folder for parents.  I'll be posting more about our orientation towards the end of the month!

My 11 yr-old son taught me how to take a screen shot!
Thank God for the young ones!!  He is so techno-savvy :-)

(Inspiration for this format was found at A Day In The Life Of A Classroom Teacher!)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

See Alaska...And A Winner!

A big "thanks" to everyone who joined in the guessing game!
We were on a Disney cruise to Alaska; on the way, we visited Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan.  Unfortunately, I didn't see the northern lights, but we did enjoy the white nights. 

Hurray, Liliris! 
(Oops, I originally misstated the winner.
Barbara, something is coming to you, too!)
You have won a cuddly bear finger puppet,
a set of Mickey Mouse dice, an ABC Alaska book,

(Not babyish, I promise!)
a Disney pirate kerchief, and several wildlife postcards.
I will be emailing you to get your address!
My husband tries to keep me warm!
Considering the 108 degree temps at home,
we were quite happy to be cold!
The Cousin Crew
This cruise vacation was my sister-in-law's gift to all of us.
The youngest girls are her little princesses.
The smiling guy is my youngest son;
he is standing next to my niece and my daughter (in pink).
This is my favorite picture.
As we moved north through the Inside Passage,
the water became greener and the clouds hung like smoke.
Seal pups were everywhere as we drew close to the glacier.
The Glacier At Tracey Arm
View from the helicopter, on our way to a glacier near Skagway.
My sweet SIL and I managed to stay upright
while picking our way across the ice.
This is an opening in the glacier.  The color is indescribable!
Do you see the running water?
Our guide dropped a 20 lb. rock down this hole and it took over 10 seconds to reach the bottom.  Yikes!
The magic of Disney sprinkled pixie dust over our entire trip.
My niece was excited to meet Snow White.
When I told Cinderella that she would always be my favorite,
she practically sang, "Oh, we must hug!"
I can't wait to take another Disney cruise!

Does anyone want to go to the Mediteranean?!

Can we use it as an excuse to create curriculum 
about the ancient world?