Monday, July 16, 2012

Pretty As A Picture

Aren't they lovely?
This picture was snapped at the Farmer's Market in Seattle.
Peonies always make me sigh at their beauty... and then smile.

I needed a smile today.  While some of you may be apprehensive about large class sizes, I have been gripped with insomnia, fretting over small classes.  In my long life, I've had many reasons to stand on faith, but I find myself worrying this challenge like a dog with a bone.  Laying it down and letting it go is so, so difficult.  

My kindergartners are being prayed for by name.  I ask God on what seems to be an hourly basis to seek and find the children He wants to place in my class.  Passing the school supplies in our fav stores, I thank God for my job.  I'm in full-on intercession mode, just short of fasting.  Even in my (rare) dreams, I'm singing songs of praise, hoping to bring down Jericho.  If you are a believer, would you please remember my school?   


  1. You have been on my heart all day! I've been praying for you non-stop. Well, I did stop when I had to have an ice cream break!! I'm in the same boat and we both need to remember that Jesus is in the boat with us. Please remember my school in your prayers, too!

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