Friday, July 27, 2012

Picture Books For The First Week Of Kindergarten

I'm linking up with First Grade Found Me!

My county library created a nifty way to save books in lists.
One of my fav activities this summer has been leisurely browsing the website, searching for books by theme.
When I am ready to request them, I need only to click the list!
Hurray!  No more frantic searching on Friday for 
available books which are needed on Monday morning.

This is a screen shot of my list for "beginning of kindergarten":
(This is a partial picture.)

Which books am I most looking forward to sharing?
She is an unusual girl and you will fall in love with her!
My class was still requesting this book at the end of the year.

There is a surprise ending in this story!

The illustrations (and the tone) are priceless.

This Kitty covers the alphabet with personality and attitude.
I break out several accents for this read-aloud.

My kindergartners will be singing this on the first day!

Splat is our class mascot.  He visits everyone's home, several times throughout the year.
(Must add "create Splat's journal" to the growing to-do list)


  1. This is a great list of books and I'm so excited that there are some that are new to me! I love finding new books to add to my read-alouds and lessons. Thank you for sharing! :)

    Melissa @ Klassy in Kindergarten

  2. I love Pete the Cat! My five year old daughter would write additional pages--pete would go through all sorts of things! She even drew the pictures. It was such a great springboard into the writing activity!
    I am your newest follower. I would love to have you come by and visit my blog!

  3. I love your list especially Pete! The library is such a life saver!
    Owl Things First

  4. Thanks so much for linking up to the Back to School Books party! I hope you'll link up for other holidays too. I've never heard of Sunday Chutney, A Very Full Morning, or He Came with the Couch. I'm so glad you've given me some new books to look for. From one "Chrissy" to another-- glad to have found your blog!
    First Grade Found Me

  5. Love this list! It would be a great addition to my cozy book hop link up if you have a moment to link up

    So glad I came across your site, I love it!



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