Wednesday, July 4, 2012

See Alaska...And A Winner!

A big "thanks" to everyone who joined in the guessing game!
We were on a Disney cruise to Alaska; on the way, we visited Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan.  Unfortunately, I didn't see the northern lights, but we did enjoy the white nights. 

Hurray, Liliris! 
(Oops, I originally misstated the winner.
Barbara, something is coming to you, too!)
You have won a cuddly bear finger puppet,
a set of Mickey Mouse dice, an ABC Alaska book,

(Not babyish, I promise!)
a Disney pirate kerchief, and several wildlife postcards.
I will be emailing you to get your address!
My husband tries to keep me warm!
Considering the 108 degree temps at home,
we were quite happy to be cold!
The Cousin Crew
This cruise vacation was my sister-in-law's gift to all of us.
The youngest girls are her little princesses.
The smiling guy is my youngest son;
he is standing next to my niece and my daughter (in pink).
This is my favorite picture.
As we moved north through the Inside Passage,
the water became greener and the clouds hung like smoke.
Seal pups were everywhere as we drew close to the glacier.
The Glacier At Tracey Arm
View from the helicopter, on our way to a glacier near Skagway.
My sweet SIL and I managed to stay upright
while picking our way across the ice.
This is an opening in the glacier.  The color is indescribable!
Do you see the running water?
Our guide dropped a 20 lb. rock down this hole and it took over 10 seconds to reach the bottom.  Yikes!
The magic of Disney sprinkled pixie dust over our entire trip.
My niece was excited to meet Snow White.
When I told Cinderella that she would always be my favorite,
she practically sang, "Oh, we must hug!"
I can't wait to take another Disney cruise!

Does anyone want to go to the Mediteranean?!

Can we use it as an excuse to create curriculum 
about the ancient world?


  1. Beautiful photos! It looks likeyou had an amazing time.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  2. Wow! What an amazing experience for you and is there anything better than sharing memories like this with your family? I think not! Thanks for sharing!

    Owl Things First

  3. Love your pictures! I am your newest follower!~!


  4. Incredible pictures! I guess I need to add that destination to my wish list! :) Looks like a lot of fun.


  5. Yippee...I won!

    Your photos are amazing. It looks like you had a wonderful time!

    Fourth Grade Garden

  6. I thought you might be interested to hear that I have published my first novel! I've put up a post on To Love, Honor, and Dismay with a description. Hope all is well with you :o)

  7. Love the pics. I think I've talked my husband into taking me and 3 grandkids on an Alaskan cruise next summer. His only requirement is that he has a day or two to halibut fish.

    A Time to Share & Create


    Fabulous 4th Grade

  8. Hey Barbara! Thanks for the comment and for visiting my blog:) I love your's so pretty! You have a ton of great stuff, I can tell this will be one of my favorite blogs to visit for great Kindergarten ideas!!! Would love to have you follow my own blog, maybe when you see me writing about something I am attempting or something I have question can give some advice!:)

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