K/1 Art Class

Art Lessons

April: Tissue Collage Chameleon

Book Connection:  The Mixed-Up Chameleon 

April:  Symmetry/Caterpillar & Butterfly
Book Connection:  Don't Worry Bear

March:  "Stained Glass" Cross
Book Connection:  First Easter

March:  Pointillism-Rainbow
Book Connection:  Somewhere Over The Rainbow

March:  Sunset Silhouette
Book Connection:  Buckamoo Girls

Feb.:  Silly Character
Book Connection:  Dr. Seuss

Feb.:  Lion Craftivity
Book Connection: In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb

Feb.:  Valentine Card-lesson in symmetry
Book Connection:  The Day It Rained Hearts

Feb.:  Kandinsky Circles
Book Connection:  Lots Of Dots

Jan.:  Salt Painting-Dragons
Book Connection:  Lovabye Dragon

Jan.:  Watercolor Quilt
Book Connection:  The Princess And The Pea

Jan.:  Romero Britto Hearts
Book Connection:  Penguin And Pinecone, A Friendship Story

Jan.:  Winter Tree
Book Connection:  Snow

Dec.:  Poinsettia
Book Connection:  Mortimer's Christmas Manger

Dec.:  Gift Bag
Book Connection:  Queen Of Christmas

Dec.:  Advent Countdown Tree
Book Connection:  Counting To Christmas  

Nov.:  Candy Cane Art
Book Connection:  Snowmen At Christmas

Nov.:  Paper Turkeys/Cards
Book Connection: Turkey Trouble

Nov.:  American Flag
Book Connection:  Wow!  America!

Oct.:  Painted (tempera) Pumpkins
Book Connection:  The Runaway Pumpkin

Oct.:  Watercolor Spider Web
Book Connection:  Diary Of A Spider

Oct.:  "Stained Glass" tissue paper Candy Corn
Book Connection:  The Biggest Pumpkin Ever

Oct.:  Leaf Pattern Design
Book Connection:  Leaves

Oct.:  Drawing A House/Perspective
Book Connection:  The House In The Night, One Red Apple 

Sept.:  Q-Tip Painting~Fall Tree
Book Connection:  The Apple Tree's Discovery 

Sept.:  Silly Face Plates (with tying)
Book Connection:  The Way I Feel

Sept.:  Tempera and Paper Project.
Book Connection--"Tip, Tip, Dig, Dig"

Sept.:  Crayon resist/watercolor ABC collage.
Book Connection-- "Alphabet City"

August:  Exploring line placement in a composition.
The children used ten paper strips of various colors to apply the strips horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. 

August:  Design a new crayon color and name your crayon!
Book Connection-- "A Day With No Crayons"

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