Monday, June 30, 2014

July Currently

This has been a blue Monday.
No reason. Just is.
I may be filling too much time
with Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, etc.,
allowing the comparison monster to 
creep in.

Am the only K teacher in the blogosphere
NOT going to Vegas next week?
If you're going to be home, too,
let's have a blog party!
I'll work on that idea :-).

Our fist day for the 2014-2015 school year 
is August 4. 
I've been sorting, prepping, and 
planning in little bits here and there.
Although I'm fairly sure I'll be in the 
same room, at the same school,
in the same grade,
nothing is certain until I walk in on 8/4.
Nerve-wracking, right?!!!

July 4 ***** Happy Birthday, USA!
Since half of our children became drivers,
hubby and I tend to stay home to
keep tabs on everyone's whereabouts.
In a very non-stalky way. ;-)

Happy July, everyone!

Monday Made-It… TpT Banner

Yippee! My store has a new banner and
I finally made something on a summer Monday!

Isn't it pretty?
I found the template and instructions at

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Five Minute Friday~ Lost

(The writing prompt for 6/27 is Lost.
With the utmost respect and a grieving heart,
I offer this…)

Last Friday, our oldest son awoke to over
100 missed calls and messages.
His roommate, at home for the summer, had killed himself.

Oh, we loved this young man!
So full of life, wreathed in smiles.
How lost must he have felt, to choose this path?
I hurt for everyone, his parents especially.
There are not enough words.
Tears seem to be the only language.

When the blind can't see, take them by the hand.
When the lame can't walk, carry them.
When the deaf can't hear, show that you hear them.
When the lonely can't feel the light, shine one upon them.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Free Inspiration Poster

Do you need some inspiration for your planner, 
message board, staff room, etc?
I teach in a public school, but this will be in my personal planning binder!
Click HERE to find the printable version.
Background by ShabbyBlogs, Font by Kimberly Geswein
This scripture reminds us that our words 
take root in the hearts of others.
Now, I'm not perfect.
I've had my share of frustrating moments and responded 
in ways that built walls instead of tearing walls down.
I want my words to be sweet,
to promote learning and understanding.
Keep in mind, our words, expressions, and attitudes
may be the highlight of a child's day.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Messenger

When school ended on June 2, I needed two full days just to recover from the rush of the end.
Kindergarten graduation, report cards, final records, room packing…exhausting.
Sorting the mountain of stuff that I brought home took a few more days.

Then I began to reflect.
What did we accomplish together, as a group of five-year-old bundles of energy
and a teacher starting a new chapter in her learning adventure?
What message did they leave with me and I with them?

I find myself thinking of them at night, unable to sleep with the wonderings of where they are.
Are they safe? Full? Happy?
Their smiles lit up days that could have been sunk by despair.
Their support of one another and of me, in the most unexpected moments,
gave me hope for their futures.
(My husband read this and said,"Are you rewriting history?!" My answer is no.
There were days covered with despair.  There were days when I didn't know if
I could do it all again the next morning.)

For my part, yes, they (most of them) learned to read,
to solve math problems, to inquire/experiment/produce,
to give and share and wait.
But the message I most hope I wrote on their hearts is this:
You are loved.
You are unique.
You have something to offer this world.
You will never be forgotten.

Five Minute Friday

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Currently

Somewhere along the way, we became dependent on
fan noise to fall asleep.
You may have guessed that I'm typing in bed 
as hubby is entering dreamland!

Our last day with students was Friday and 
the kindergartners' day began with a sweet graduation!
I'd saved a few things for that last day--
finishing our memory books,
packing up our desk supplies, 
reading our favorite books.
Little did I know that half of my class 
would snap a pic, give a big hug, and then be gone!
Seriously, it felt like a surreal dream.
As the whirlwind subsided, I was left with 14 students,
all looking up at me asking, "What do we do now?'.
I'm still stunned that I didn't get to say a proper 
goodbye to so many of my precious friends.

Back in September, I had the opportunity 
to save money in escrow.  Did I do it?  No!
I thought I'd save more on my own….
Go ahead, you can laugh. 

Which explains why there isn't a destination vacation
happening for our family this summer.
Oh, dancing daughter and I are headed to nationals 
in the lovely state of Ohio,
but it is not the ocean view I had in mind.

My summer bucket list turns out to be my blog title.
The book list is looooong!
I want/need/must write down what happened this year.
And my soul needs a polish and shine with 
playlist of worship songs.

Are you finished for the school year?
What's on your summer agenda?