Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Currently

Somewhere along the way, we became dependent on
fan noise to fall asleep.
You may have guessed that I'm typing in bed 
as hubby is entering dreamland!

Our last day with students was Friday and 
the kindergartners' day began with a sweet graduation!
I'd saved a few things for that last day--
finishing our memory books,
packing up our desk supplies, 
reading our favorite books.
Little did I know that half of my class 
would snap a pic, give a big hug, and then be gone!
Seriously, it felt like a surreal dream.
As the whirlwind subsided, I was left with 14 students,
all looking up at me asking, "What do we do now?'.
I'm still stunned that I didn't get to say a proper 
goodbye to so many of my precious friends.

Back in September, I had the opportunity 
to save money in escrow.  Did I do it?  No!
I thought I'd save more on my own….
Go ahead, you can laugh. 

Which explains why there isn't a destination vacation
happening for our family this summer.
Oh, dancing daughter and I are headed to nationals 
in the lovely state of Ohio,
but it is not the ocean view I had in mind.

My summer bucket list turns out to be my blog title.
The book list is looooong!
I want/need/must write down what happened this year.
And my soul needs a polish and shine with 
playlist of worship songs.

Are you finished for the school year?
What's on your summer agenda?


  1. I love your "read, write, sing" bucket list! That sounds like the perfect summer! I had a similar last day experience. All of a sudden my kiddos were mostly checked out and gone! Some didn't even get their end of year gift! :(
    Hope you have a great summer!
    Keep Calm and Teach On

  2. Adorable blog! I know how you feel about needing noise to sleep. I need the TV (hubs fault) and preferably a nature show with a soothing narrator.

  3. I love your blog. I am like you needing a vacation and get away from all the stress that comes with it. Hope you have a great day!!

    Jasmine H.

  4. Today was my last day, and how I've needed a vacation too. Enjoy!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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