Friday, June 13, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Messenger

When school ended on June 2, I needed two full days just to recover from the rush of the end.
Kindergarten graduation, report cards, final records, room packing…exhausting.
Sorting the mountain of stuff that I brought home took a few more days.

Then I began to reflect.
What did we accomplish together, as a group of five-year-old bundles of energy
and a teacher starting a new chapter in her learning adventure?
What message did they leave with me and I with them?

I find myself thinking of them at night, unable to sleep with the wonderings of where they are.
Are they safe? Full? Happy?
Their smiles lit up days that could have been sunk by despair.
Their support of one another and of me, in the most unexpected moments,
gave me hope for their futures.
(My husband read this and said,"Are you rewriting history?!" My answer is no.
There were days covered with despair.  There were days when I didn't know if
I could do it all again the next morning.)

For my part, yes, they (most of them) learned to read,
to solve math problems, to inquire/experiment/produce,
to give and share and wait.
But the message I most hope I wrote on their hearts is this:
You are loved.
You are unique.
You have something to offer this world.
You will never be forgotten.

Five Minute Friday


  1. Your students are blessed to have a teacher that seems to care not just about their learning but about them. I'm visiting form FMF and so glad I did.

  2. wow.. I love this site look and I loved reading your words. As I read your words I felt like I read your calling and your heart. I love it! Thanks for sharing and wow.. what a blessing you must be to those cute little ones!

  3. That's a wonderful message. My cousin often told me this year, "Don't doubt your seed." So now I tell you the same. Don't doubt your seed.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. What a beautiful post. You are such a special teacher and I can only imagine how hard the year can be in public school. It was so wonderful to hear from you and I really look forward to the day we meet. Have a wonderful and relaxing summer. Next year will feel a bit easier!


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