Thursday, August 2, 2012

They Call Me Mom

Meet my children!
I've had a fun summer with my babies!
As you can see, there isn't much "baby" left in them.
(Thankfully, the youngest still needs a 
snuggle every now and then!)
This fall, Aaron will be a sophomore in college.  
He is currently in Washington DC,
 experiencing the leadership side of fraternity life.
Austin just finished another summer of competitive baseball.
I can't believe how tall he has become--taller than his older bro!
He is taking crazy math classes this year, as a junior.
Amory danced her way through the summer and will join the escadrille team as she begins her freshman year!
Her hair is almost as long as her legs. :-)  
Jordan heads to middle school this fall.
He is our go-to guy for all things techy.
I would be lost without his help.
This summer, Andrew and I have had just enough nights 
without them to get a feel for an empty nest.
I don't like it!
Somehow, I need to s l o w down time!

A super nice person nominated my site for the 
Top 25 Teacher Mom Blogs.
I am truly thankful for any votes that come my way.
(The pink button will take you there.)
I love teaching kindergarten!
I LOVE being a mom!!


  1. Gorgeous family! I love being a mom, too! My oldest just turned 21 and I don't feel like I'm much older than that! Funny how time flies.
    Owl Things First


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