Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Week Pics

My precious kinders got along very well.
Having a mix of boys and girls is a nice change of pace!

We caught a pet!  NOT!
S/he is living in an empty fruit cup.
Obviously, the seal is not cutting the oxygen level.
AB patterns
beginning sounds game
pattern block design cards
Working on our class book about Pete.
I wonder how long the puzzle love will last...?
Practicing name writing on white boards.
Art Class:  I read "A Day With No Crayons"
and the children designed an original crayon color.
We also covered the rules of art class
and the proper handling of tools.
We love Splat!
After listening to his stories through varied media,
we made a descriptive word map.
I need to brush up on my Expo marker skills!

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  1. They look like they are having so much fun! :) I love the idea about inventing a new crayon color-you have very creative students!



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