Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer To-Do List~Join The Party!

Littlest Learners is hosting a Linky Party!  Join in and share your summer To-Do List!

This past week, I indulged my tendency to ignore the alarm clock, read a book for pleasure, and caught up on The Real Housewives (pick your city).  Yea!

My list begins with dance.  DollyGirl dances 12+ hours/week and competes.  The season has ended, but recital prep has begun.  This photo was taken last week during rehearsals.  At 12, she is taller than me...the pointe shoes add another few inches!  During June and July, I'll be driving her to various dance camps, intensives, and auditions.               She's worth it!

Another major to-do is to replace this car!  My 15 yr-old son, aka "MidBro" was driving, with dad along, and was hit while making a turn.  Thank God for the inventor of air bags!  Needless to say, the driver's license is on hold for my precious son.

Professionally, I'm super excited to join in on this book study!  The math series for my kindergarten class does not include a teacher's guide; thankfully, I've written curriculum and have experience with age-appropriate math practices.  Debbie Diller's book is an answer to my prayer, "God, please help me find support for the math block!"  
I also have tons of filing, sorting, printing, copying on my list for summer.  My goal is to spend the first week back (August 8-12!) on lesson-planning, not filing!  I brought all of my guides and files home with me and need to get them set up for easy use.  Meaning, move them out of the garage and into the spare room!

Every now and then, please remind me to stop watching reality TV!  
I have things to do!!

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  1. Sounds like a busy summer!

    P.S. I love the Real Housewives too!

    Miss W

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