Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Daily Schedule~Kindergarten

Kathleen at Growing Kinders has asked us to share our schedules.
Here is mine!  
Writing Work:  Every morning, we begin with a page for our journals.  I like to tie the topic into the theme (social studies/science) for the week.  Over time, writing work includes focused practice in D'Nealian handwriting.

Morning Meeting:  We read the morning message, check daily jobs, review the schedule, practice the memory verse, say the pledge, discuss the weekly character trait and pray.

Phonics/Word Work/Literacy Stations/Reading:  Our school uses K5 Beginnings for phonics and reading instruction.  I believe a balanced approach is best and I supplement the workbook with components from The Daily Five, Growing Readers, Literacy Work Stations, and all of you!  "Reading" is dedicated to completing the thirty-two readers that are part of the K5 program, plus activities to foster comprehension.

Math:  We have a math workbook, but I am happy to say that I do many of the things in Math Work Stations!  I also plan math activities during theme work in the afternoons.

Lunch & Recess:  Lunch really begins closer to 11:00, but we need to wash hands, pray, and walk down the long hall!

Rest & Story:  No one sleeps--I don't expect them to!  Although this looks like a long stretch, gathering (and putting away) blankets/mats and books takes a bit of time.  The goal for quiet time is twenty minutes.  As the year progresses, this becomes a perfect slot for "reading to self" and "reading to someone".  The children are allowed to bring flashlights, too.  Fun!

Themes/Social Studies/Science:  I use themes to introduce these concepts, changing themes every week/two weeks.  On Friday afternoons during theme time, we have a 45-minute center time that we call Friday Fun.  The legos, blocks, play-do, and home-living things are brought out of the closet!  As a center, I usually do a more time-consuming, theme-related activity with a few children.

Oooh, talking about the daily schedule is making me miss the routine and the kiddos!!  

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