Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just Before The Break...

This art project, "Wonderland",
was completed over two class periods.
First, the children covered a 5x7 piece of
watercolor paper with tissue paper squares.
The entire paper received a wash of water+glue mix.

In the second class period, the children cut triangles
of different sizes from their papers.
These trees were glued to a blue paper.
Using stencils of stars and snowflakes,
designs were added with white tempera paint.

This is the Pinterest inspiration for our Wonderland artwork!

A popular activity during our Christmas party was to decorate the gingerbread house...ALL of the children at the SAME TIME.

The room moms gave the children permission to
drink the frosting.
...pause and consider...

Now you know why I began planning lessons last week.
First up on Jan. 3: a review of classroom etiquette!


  1. lol and OH MY Chrissy! That must have been interesting! I adore that artwork, it is very striking!

  2. I absolutely LOVE those trees!!

    Grade ONEderful

  3. I am doing those trees! And love drinking frosting... I thought that was normal!

  4. Love the trees! Thank you for sharing. I will do them in January.

    I am a little clueless about drinking frosting. The frosting I always use is in a can. What am I missing? I do LOVE to eat chocolate chip cookie dough. Out here in California we are really trying to be green and by eating the dough I don't have to waste gas baking the cookies.
    An Open Door

  5. Thanks everyone!

    A little fyi: I teach art class to the kindergartners and 1st-graders combined--that is 20 children (but the # could go up with enrollment changing after the break). This project was very doable with 20 students, especially when broken into two 45-minute segments. If you set this up as a station, you could rotate children through the process. :-)

    And, drinking the frosting....ahhhh, they sucked on the frosting tubes like baby bottles, squirted the spray cans into their mouths, and licked the remains from any surface.

    It still makes me shudder.

  6. Love, love, love those trees. Love the picture of the kiddos drinking the frosting!! Too cute!


  7. The trees are so beautiful and unique! Thanks for posting!

  8. Love the activities...a MUST- DO for next year...thanks so much for sharing!

    Color Me Kinder

  9. Thanks for the how to art post. I want to try.

    And, finally, frosting out of a tube....please tell me this was AFTER the decorating was finished. If not, yuck!

  10. Love these projects! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)

  11. Wow those are so pretty! I am pinning them for next year!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  12. That is a beautiful project! I am always on the lookout for a layered project that uses a few types of mediums. Thanks so much for posting!

  13. beautiful ideas. I am your newest follower!! I am new to blogging. Check me out at:


  14. I love those trees-I am pinning them right now! And allowing them to drink the frosting-oh my-that sounds just like a few of my room moms! I hope they at least went home right after the party so you didn't have to deal with the aftermath of all that sugar!
    Keen on Kindergarten

  15. What is watercolor paper? Would an average piece of construction paper work well enough?


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