Wednesday, April 11, 2012

HoneyBunch Contest

I seriously want to win this contest, 
so I had to think twice about advertising it to the world!

The Honey Bunch ladies are hosting a contest!  
Click the button to link up (share your favorite April Fool's joke/prank/story) 
and grab your chance to win.

I took the written driver's exam on April 1st, in a different century, and I FAILED!  
When I tearfully shared the news at school, no one believed me.  
Everyone thought I was pulling a prank.  
But, no.  I really, truly, bombed the test.  
Redemption came when I received a 
perfect score on the second try.  
My son didn't believe this story, either...
until he failed it, too!

What's your story?!


  1. That is funny! I'm sure it did seem like a joke. :) I got a 100 on my written and failed the driving my first time. I had to take the test downtown where there were one way streets and the traffic lights were on poles on the side of the road instead of overhead. I was parked next to a UPS truck and almost ran a red light. The instructor told me to stop so I automatically failed. Oopsie! :) So, at least you aren't the only one! :)

    I'm loving your 'springy' blog template!

    Lil' Country Kindergarten

  2. Chrissy, don't feel bad! My daughter did not pass the first time she took her driving exam either. I guess she didn't stop long enough at the stop sign. Seriously, if I could see, I don't even think I would drive. It's so scary!

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT

  3. Hi Chrissy!

    Can you please email me at

    The winner of our contest has already had a makeover and has asked us to give her prize to you. =) CONGRATS! I can't wait to start working with you on your new design!

    Honey Bunch Blog Design


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