Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kindergarten Book Writing Pics-Set 1

Thanks to Deedee, Katie, and Meredith, I introduced book writing into my schedule.  This component has helped my students to see the standards of writing (the editing process was insightful for using capital letters and punctuation), the connections between text and illustrations, and the sequence of a story.  
The results have been delightful!
In their own words...(with my comments)
Book 1
Once upon a time there was a fairy came and a fairy castle and fairy princess came and a matser came in and say stop!
(Is that a fly, a fairy?  What are the green wavy lines?)
and then the matser said I love fairys
But now I Don't Love fairys!
then the master grow biger the fairys will be mine
(Is the building on fire?!)
then the fairy that was cool meat a boy
(I like the sunglasses and magic wand!)

Book 2
Once upon a time there comes a princess this master was not happy
(uh oh)
then the Princess came to a caste
(She is a singing princess--see the music notes?!)

Book 3
O No Sumtuin wit ron (something went wrong) a cat
saw lik (sounds like) a dog and a dog saws lik a cat
so a siuntist will fid it owt
(So a scientist will find it out)
(We've been learning the words with "ow".)
The siuntst fawd it out
(The scientist found it out)
(This was written by my lone boy....he is very logical!)

Book 4
Title Page:  the Dog
(During conferencing, we discussed adding her name to this page. )
the Dogs are happy at him
(Wouldn't you love having friends who cheered you one?!)
the pupuy was lust He loved His friends
(The puppy was lost.  He loved his friends.)
(This page prompted me to add a review of short vowel sounds to last week's lesson plans!)
the door was open
(cliffhanger ending)

If you stuck it out to the end, THANKS
for reading about my writers!

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  1. I love reading the cuteness that is Kindergarten! Thanks for sharing your student's work!

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