Thursday, January 24, 2013

Good Times In K!

--Author's Chair--
My class eagerly anticipates sharing their work each week.
They encourage each other with enthusiasm!
--Tiny Love Notes--

We estimated how many cups of ice would be needed to fill the jar.  (It held 12!)
We wondered if the ice would melt by the end of the day. (no)
I added food coloring to the jar and the room temperature worked its magic!

I *heart* these penguins.
The equations are identical because
these boys were working together.
As you can see, their penguins tell different stories; on the right, we are treated to a view of the digestion system.

---Romero Britto inspired art---
I drew a rough interpretation of Mr. Britto's gorgeous work 
and then printed it on yellow card stock.
The students were able to view his work online.
They were inspired by his designs.

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