Friday, August 1, 2014

Five Minute Friday~ Begin

Five Minute Friday

The word is… BEGIN:
There is a five minute limit to this writing exercise, which seems perfect for the prompt.  The word- begin- always makes me think of that last direction given before opening a test booklet and setting to work for four hours straight.  Head down, mind engaged, pencil working furiously. 

Ahh. The focused manic pace of a testing day, i.e. ACT.  Now, my beginnings are all jumbled up with daily life: set up my kindergarten classroom while remembering to do the laundry and complete my own children's back-to-school-forms while signing up for professional development through my district's online site and grab enough groceries to fix two meals as I refill prescriptions before the first day craziness of the 2014-2015 school year… begins.

Beginnings give me energy. And make me tired. They bring out the procrastinator that lurks inside while simultaneously stirring up creativity that I didn't know I had.  Yes, I can teach 26 kindergartners, run a 5K (give me 6 more weeks to train!), perform my dance mom duties, miss my two oldest sons all hours of the day, laugh with our youngest, stay up late with my husband, and worship Him with all of my heart.  Today, this is my new beginning.



  1. Aren't beginnings beautiful! It's amazing as you pointed out how much our beginnings can change over the years.I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Prayers for you as you are getting ready for the school year as a teacher!

  2. I appreciate the beginnings that are part of each new school year. It's nice to start all over again.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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