Friday, July 3, 2015

Currently July 2015

I have five weeks until I report for duty.
To-Do List:
Sleep Late
Read More Books
Start PiYo
Get A Massage
Organize the Stuff

That All-Star thing?
I am a Kindergarten Cheerleader!
I am a believer in
laughter, fun, creativity,
community, memories. achievement,
growth, friendship, support, 
reading, writing, experimenting,

This will be my third year in an urban public school and
I'm committed to blogging about the 
amazing things 
that are happening in my classroom.
Please stick around and celebrate with me!


  1. I love Modern Family! I think my husband and I have watched all of them at least twice on rerun, and now they make the perfect background noise. How stinking funny is Cam?!?!

    Remember, you're always stronger than you think. Think positive! :)

  2. Hi!!! I love finding other Missouri teachers!!! I taught Kindergarten for SIX years! I loved it!!! I would love a beach nearby too!

  3. I know- 5 more weeks for me as well.I didn't teacher summer school this year so I'm starting to get that itch to get back to school!

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