Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Um, Spell Much?

Should I be worried that my 18-year-old son just misspelled "friendship" in his thank-you notes?  

"i before e, except after C, or when sounded like A, as in neighbor and weigh"

Sometimes the oldies are the goodies!


  1. You should not be worried! But you should be worried that I gave you the wrong recipe for the playdough! I have fixed it and it is right now!

  2. My almost 18-year-old misspells words on his Facebook posts and I about die each time. Those posts go out to all my friends and family AND I homeschool him. He tells me, "Mom, I was in a rush. Who cares?" I'm like, "Hello. I care. I will look like an awful teacher." LOL

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