Monday, November 26, 2012

October and November Art Lessons~Recap, Turkeys In Disguise

Each week, I get to see my former kindergartners in art class.
Seeing the growth in their fine motor skills and attention levels almost makes me want to loop with them!
Each teacher at our school has a special class assignment; 
my duty as the K/1 art instructor is a blessing.
Seriously, I hope the 1st grade teacher never tires of her P.E. responsibility!  Our synergy is working quite well!

Art Lessons With Book Connections
(picture collages courtesy of my new favorite app-Photogrid)
Watercolor Resist Spider Webs...Diary Of A Spider
Patterned Leaf...The Little Yellow Leaf
Landscape With House~Perspective...One Red Apple
Painted Pumpkins...The Runaway Pumpkin
Candy Corn~Tissue Paper Melt...The Biggest Pumpkin Ever
Turkey Cards for Thanksgiving...Thanks For Thanksgiving
(a "trace/cut/follow directions" mini-nightmare)
Turkeys In Disguise....Beauty And The Beaks
(Family Project)

Tomorrow's art project involves cutting candy cane shapes from 
various papers, then overlapping them on card stock.
There might even be a glitter all depends on my stamina level at 1:45 pm.  :-)

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