Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Merry Little Christmas!

This picture says it all....
Those adorable little guys?
They need a holiday break!
And the sweet little girls need a break 
from the adorable little guys!
(P.S.  I'm a girl!)
The stockings were hung....
We made these cute stockings 
and wrote about our wishes for their content.
I whipped up the fireplace with construction paper and tagboard.

The nativity...kindergarten style!
Don't you love the mix of Santa's helpers and the wise men?

Jesus is born!
As usual, abilities are varied among my sweet friends!
This simple craft took longer than anticipated;
I've been encouraging the children to trace templates, 
rather than doing the tracing or cutting the pieces myself.  
Some of them need the fine-motor practice.  :-)

The larger trees were done first, 
to give the children an opportunity 
to assemble the triangles by size and decorate with abandon.
Later in the day, we worked on the writing activity.
Almost everyone caught on that the tree needed to look 
nearly identical in the second and third pictures!

Art Lesson~Paper Poinsettia
I printed the template on colored copier paper.
The children cut the pieces and then layered them, 
gluing one piece at a time.  
I ran around the room with a hole punch to create pollen.
Good times!


  1. You and your little ones have been busy. I hope you sweet girls enjoy a little break from your adorable guys. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I just found your darling blog!! I am now your newest follower!! We are going to be hosting a guest blog hop over at our blog and would be honored if you would participate. Thank you for considering. Stephanie

  3. This post makes me wish we could do Christmas all over again! Merry Christmas!!
    Owl Things First!


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