Monday, March 25, 2013


Are you on Twitter?
If yes, leave your name or link--I'd love to follow you!

Back in 2009, I opened a Twitter account in the middle of a session at Blissdom.
I signed on with the username that matched my go-to blog at the time, "singalullaby".  
Did I use it?  Not really.  Blogging filled my social media plate.
Then, over this past Christmas break, I discovered a Twitter app on my smart phone!
I logged on while waiting around at the airport.

A whole new world has opened up before me.  
I've found kindergarten teachers from all over North America, administrators from my own backyard.  Connections have also been made with favorite authors, singers,
Downton Abbey fans, and the incredible KidPresident.
My family is a bit concerned that I've
too well connected

 My iPhone days may be numbered (not really), so join my Twitter adventure now (please, do)!
See you there!


  1. You can find me at LWMrsParker. I am new to Twitter. But enjoying #kinderchat and #CAeduchat

  2. I just followed you! My Twitter name is pitm.

  3. I follow you already!! I love twitter, I have learned so much - I would've never thought I would learn something on twitter that would help me at work but I do! :)

    1. Oh and if anyone wants to follow me - I'm @applesandglue I love making new friends!


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