Sunday, April 7, 2013

Behavior Chart Update and 5forFriday

For weeks, I've intended to join this terrific link 
but life has had other ideas.
This week, although I'm late, I'm jumping in!

1.  I went commando with a visual behavior system in my classroom.  Yes, it felt like not wearing any underwear!  (Sorry for the visual, but it's the truth!)  However...I'm thrilled with the results of this experiment.  The children are taking ownership for their choices in a more thoughtful way.  I'm taking more time to get eye-to-eye as I facilitate understanding.  Next week, we will begin using a goal sheet to choose ways to improve and evaluate our progress.  Would you like to have a copy?  The goal sheet can be found HERE!  If you'd like to see what I told the parents, hop over to our class blog.

2.  This video is on my lesson plans for the week!

3.  My sweet daughter made the varsity dance team for next year!
She's headed to a Taylor Swift concert in this photo!

4.  The Easter Service at our church was superb.
You can watch it online at
HERE at The Crossing website.

5.  I'm working on a unit for telling time.  It should be finished within the week!  Keep your eyes open, I'll be giving away a copy or two!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing that goal sheet. It's one of our evaluation criteria and I find it very hard for the kiddos to be able to articulate. I think this one they will understand. :)


    1. I'm thrilled that you found this to be helpful!!


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