Friday, June 21, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

There is a musical component to the movement of the stars, a rhythm to the universe.  I can't exactly find the source for why I know this, at the moment, but I've read it...somewhere.  I've always thought there was a musicality to the science of mathematics, a series of rules that plays out a melody.  I believe that numbers "sing"; I've never been surprised that math appeals to me.  It is, in its own way, a song.

2 +2 = 4 and 10 x 10 = 100 and God knew all the days of my life before there were yet one of them. I'm counting on that.
from Nasa
(Yes. That's what came through my fingers in five minutes.  
Not much....but it's enough.)
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  1. Oh yes, definitely. Math appeals to me in a way other sciences don't, except for chemistry. They tie on that department. Math definitely is very rhythmic in terms of how certain numbers come after another and that you can't break it that sequence. ;)

  2. loved that last sentence... we are all counting on that, aren't we?

  3. Awe :) what a sweet little blog you have here. and yes! God knows his math

  4. He is a great mathematician! I wish I'd had you for a teacher! Math used to make me cry. Now that I teach it I understand it much better. Having students teach it to each other helps them understand it better, too!
    Love this post!


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