Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Follow Me On Bloglovin'! and Toolkit Labels FREEBIE!

Google Reader has been awesome
and I am very sorry to see it go!
I'm working on transferring my Google Reader feed to
Bloglovin, hoping to stay current with all of you!
  If you transfer your Reader, you will notice that you are now
following your current blogs on Bloglovin'--
Need tips? Check out Melissa's post at
Common Core and So Much More.

I finally made a teacher toolkit,
after tracking them down at Lowe's.
Do you have a teacher toolkit/toolbox?
I've made a free set of labels!
There are three color sets, 
with blank labels for personalization.
Grab them HERE!


  1. Cute Chrissy! I'm going to have to stash this page away to feature the next time I round up organization labels on Teach Junkie. :) Hope you're having a great summer day today!

  2. I have/had a teacher toolkit! I made one last summer and when I got back to school and my assistant saw it...she went Oh, I love it so much! So, it sits on her desk - which really makes sense because it's the only desk out in the classroom, better than hid in my office/closet/junk pile. I guess it will have to go with her when she gets her own classroom and I'll start over again!


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