Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Words On Wednesday

Breathe in......mmmm, I can almost smell this rich, warm, coffee.

Morning is still not my favorite time of day, 
but I've become attached to the ritual
of waking up to coffee at 5:30am.
This pocket of time is my bridge from yesterday to today.
I try to let go of the things that didn't play out as planned, 
to take note of student behaviors while also preparing to 
let us all begin anew, ready to learn.

My new job requires mega amounts of documentation.
This requires a vigilance in remembering details, names, times.
Some nights, I go to bed with a spinning head,
worried that I've forgotten to take note of something
that will become an issue tomorrow.

So, back to that yummy cup of coffee.

For thirty minutes, as the dawn appears, I let go.
Yesterday is history.
If it makes an appearance in my "today", I'll deal.
But before the day spirals into a story to be written, 
I breathe in......

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  1. I'm glad you are taking some time for yourself. Our kiddos are not even here yet and I am having trouble sleeping from all those to-do thoughts. I have to remember to just breathe as well! :)



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