Saturday, February 26, 2011

Get Organized-Linky Party theory, I think I am.  In reality, not always!

My classroom is used by a Sunday school class for a few hours each week.  Because of this, I am required to dismantle my room, each Wednesday and Friday, to hide all evidence of "kindergarten". (I can hear your gasps!  Hugs are appreciated!)  This process takes nearly an hour, for each take-down and re-set.

Because I enjoy actually spending time with my own children, and do not wish to live at school, I have become rather creative with organization!  Thematic books and leveled readers are placed in colored tubs that stack; these are easily moved to the closet.  File folder games, small math props, and phonics materials are kept in a plastic rolling cart which fits under my desk.  Although I don't have an abundance of closet space, the shelves that were built by the church have been a huge help in the take-down process.  I dedicate space for my file trays, our writing materials, the students' work boxes, etc.  This enables me--and the awesome moms who volunteer their time--to do a quick sweep of my desk and the children's work areas.  I also use a narrow folding table to display thematic materials or science experiments.  By covering it with a cloth, I am able to store two large plastic containers under the table.

My husband was hopeful, when I took this job, that my plethora of teaching materials would find a new home :-)!  Um, sadly, no.  But, I have become more organized at home, with my teaching things.  As we all know, losing one important piece of paper, or a file containing next week's plans, is nerve-wracking!  I can't wait to find more ideas from the Linky-Party.  Thank you, Growing Kinders!!


  1. Just found your blog off the link party! That is not fun about you having to hide your class each week!

  2. Ouch! No fun having to take down and reset your classroom every week! It sounds like you've got some great helpers though. My hubby doesn't like that I have taken over a corner...ahem...maybe a bit more...of the garage with teaching supplies either!
    Thanks for linking up!


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