Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bored Child Engages In Vintage Fun

Spring Break has fizzled at my house.  Only our 17 yr-old (Go, Seniors!) found his way to the beach.  The rest of us ate, slept, and movie-ed our way through the week.  Last night,  our youngest son roped daddy into building a fort....a mighty big fort.

(Yes, it is snowing!)
Furniture, covers, stools, small tables, *sigh*, seem to be multiplying in the great room.
Today, I declare, "I will not clean up this mess!"!

Note that the dog's cage was saved from this montage.

Building cover houses in the '70s, my brother and I nearly caught our house on fire with the Easy Bake Oven and a table lamp.  No such fear here; LilBro is a child of the 21st century and prefers cable tv, a laptop, and a gaming monitor in his hiding space!  "Modern Vintage", right?

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