Sunday, March 11, 2012

Round 'Em Up For Kindergarten! & a Pattern Freebie

Kindergarten Round Up is a week-long adventure for me.  Interested students are invited to choose a day and become a kindergartner!  

My biggest challenge for the week is to keep these children involved while continuing to teach the curriculum for my current students.  Like you, I'm working on subtraction, story writing and sentence structure, independent pacing, and more.  I decided to create a cut and glue pattern activity, using a fun clipart set from DigiScraps!

Buckaroo Patterns

I'm also planning to present the parents with a customized version of the Parent Handbook Welcome To Kindergarten from Kindergarten Works.  Leslie, thanks for creating an excellent resource!


  1. Good luck friend! I don't think I could handle teaching my current class and having all those little visitors too!

  2. I love your thoughts in "my story" section of your blog that says . . . the days passed slowly, but the years flew by. That is exactly the way I feel with my daughter. I've never been able to explain it as clearly as that. Thank you! I'm going to borrow this the next time I'm talking to someone about having children.

    I'm having a Linky Party to share ideas to help new teachers. If you'd like to share your wisdom, hop over to my blog.


  3. Good luck!! We used to do screening in the spring, but now we do it the first 3 days of school. I loved the spring screening better...however we had a sub 2 days for screening.
    Thanks for the freebies!

  4. Thank you for this funny freebie!


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