Monday, February 18, 2013

A Lil' Love

I'm still reeling from the season 3 finale of Downton Abbey, 
but realized that it was time for a new post!

---But first, a spoiler alert---
DA fans:  I have always thought that killing off a character, at times, can be a lazy way to move on in a story.  My opinion was reaffirmed last evening! WHHHHHYYY?
Wasn't Sybil enough?

Ok.  Back to kindergarten.
Our amazing room mom brought individual cakes for decorating and eating.  I squeezed in a lesson on fractions, showing the children how to cut the cake into fourths.  They ate 1/4 and took the rest home!
I put my broken crayons to good use by making heart crayons for everyone.  This year, my fingertips were saved by soaking the crayons in water; the wrappers slipped off with ease.
Last minute valentine bags:  I thought bags were being provided, so I didn't work this into my lesson plans.  Alas, the treat bags that arrived were pre-filled and ready to be sent home.  (Which was very nice!  Don't get me wrong!!  Party planning can be frought with misunderstandings!!!)  
Since this is not my first time around the block, I had a stash of colored paper bags in the closet.
We attached the mosiac hearts from an early-in-the-week lesson, wrote names on the bags, and delivered our valentines.

I hope you had a happy, love-filled February 14!

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  1. I'm going to give in and start watching DA! You are the third person in two days that has been talking about it...Thank goodness for Netflix! Looks like your Valentine's Day was a sweet success. What awesome cakes you had!


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