Sunday, May 5, 2013

April Awesomeness...Photos

April was a busy month!
New can't be stopped.  This sweet little sprout was found by my parked car.  There is something so tenacious about this photo.  It's on my desktop and I find myself looking at it often.

This is an example of the writing that we did after our field trip to The Butterfly House.

We made this torn paper project in art class.
Notice the nice sunsets in a couple of backgrounds :-)

This is a sneak peek into something we have made for our mothers!  The children traced their hands to use as a base to hold the bouquet.  They also used templates to trace and cut the flowers.
I'm sure I found this idea on Pinterest.

Some letters are tall, some fall, and some are small.

We used rulers to measure the flowers in this math station.  The activity is from a theme kit that was purchased from The Mailbox site.  A couple of months ago, they were offering a "buy 2, get 2 free" deal AND the kits were on sale for $5.  I am so very happy that I took advantage of the sale.
The activities are colorful, laminated, and perfect for our current learning targets.

After reading "Tops And Bottoms", we discussed how vegetables grow.
We "planted" a paper garden...the tomatoes, corn, and peppers 
are now ready to be added.

We are all hoping that the forget-me-not seeds will sprout soon!  They were planted in an ice cream cone, then the cone was placed in a cup.   Just bury the cone in your potted soil or dirt!

We enjoyed using Dr. Panda's Veggie Garden app on the iPad!
It is also available for iPhone.


  1. Such fun activities-thank you for sharing all your ideas! I love that photo-it really is one of those that makes a statement! I had never heard of that ice cream cone trick-might have to try that when we plant next year.


  2. Hey friend!! Yay!! I see my writing paper!! ;) I LOVE your turtles! Hope to see you this Summer! Miss you!
    Little Warriors


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