Thursday, May 30, 2013

PostYear Blues

My name is Chrissy.
I'm sad.

Am I alone in finding that tears are close to the surface for days after the last day?

I had a great year, but, like most of us, I had challenging days. And, I hate the alarm clock! Not waking up at 5:30am is a summer treat!
There are many reasons to do the happy dance, but I am on the verge of tears.

Some of the sadness is due to the stress of packing up and moving a classroom to a new building.  There are 19 boxes lined against the wall of the storybook room that will never again be filled with our songs.  Personally, I've filled my car 5 times--and the van is about to be filled again--and I'm realizing that I need a dedicated space for the things that I own.  It's all coming home with me and is currently living in the garage/spare bedroom.

Some of the sadness is due to the huge, unknown consequences of the school move.  Our staff is transitioning for various reasons; as a result, there was no end-of-the-year staff meeting or exit interviews.  I don't know when the big move is occurring.  I don't know much.

Guess what?  I kind of like to know.  I learn best whole to part: show me the big picture and I will quickly sort the pieces.  The only thing I have at the moment is pieces...boxes and crates and bags and piles of pieces.  Putting them back together without a map is a tearjerker.

If there ever comes a day where kindergarten and I must part, just know that I'll stay there, in my heart, forever.


  1. I think that I will be happy when school is out so I can have "me" time. But, I will really miss my class this year. I can empathize with not knowing what to expect for next year. I have the possibility of switching schools, but I may not know until later this summer. I hope that you find out soon! :)

    Primary Classrooms are Oceans of Fun

  2. Girl... you are making me so sad now... hugs to you!!! Maybe we need a lunch date!!!

  3. :( I'm so sad that I won't be teaching with you anymore. You made my first year if teaching go so smooth and I cannot express how much you mean to me! I'm praying for you and the school and trusting that God has something great planned. You're the best! Miss you!!

  4. I always feel sad the first week or so of summer break. I find the transition really hard. Hopefully you'll get a heads up soon on what's happening next year.
    Take care:)

  5. Your post could be mine. My school is closing. I teach Kindergarten in the room where my siblings and I attended Kindergarten many years ago. My co-workers and I are all getting ready to pack up our rooms to move to another building. We are so very sad. We have not been told our placement and there is no sign that we will be told anytime soon. The unknown is so difficult. We love our little building and our little community. These last few weeks are going to be very hard, but we will all be strong for the children. Thinking of you. Tracy

  6. Not knowing is hard. I pray that when all the pieces come together, the picture is more beautiful than you thought it could ever be. Bless you.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  7. Sending your prayers and hugs. I hope your new school is amazing!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  8. I was so touched by your post. I can't imagine not having closure for the end of the year. I'm praying for you and know that God is working even when we don't see Him!


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