Sunday, July 7, 2013

Confessions ~ #kinderblog13

I'm linking up with Kinderchat123 and the #kinderblog13 writing challenge!
The first assignment prompt is "Confessions".
I'm in a counting kind of no particular order:
  1. I hate to cook.  The food disappears WAY too quickly, considering the time involved with preparation.  However, I love to bake!
  2. How do I settle my anxious heart?  I sing!  Mostly worship choruses. Wish I owned a microphone ;-)
  3. Plotting a curriculum map, matching standards to activities, and writing lesson plans brings me great joy! 
  4. I loved to hold my babies.  They smelled so yummy, their crooked grins were heart-melting, the middle-of-the-night cuddles were like a deep breath.  I'm surprised they learned to crawl and walk!
  5. I'm a tiny bit obsessed with Rick Springfield.  And Keith Urban.  And Australia in general.
  6. I can mimic anyone.  You should be part of a read-aloud circle in my classroom--we have a rockin' good time!
  7. My secret ideal job would be to narrate audio books or radio commercials.
  8. The library is my hiding place.
  9. I read YA dystopian fiction for fun.  I'd love to write a book someday!
  10. My children are kind of embarrassed that I'm keeping up with them in the tech field.  Sorry to steal your thunder, kiddos (not!).  
Now you know more about me...please share one confession with me in comments!!  


  1. I love to eat cake batter with a little bit of water mixed in. It's much healthier of course, since there aren't eggs and oil in it. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Great idea! I might try your cake batter snack :-)

  2. I eat my cereal dry, glass of milk on the side. Always have, always will.

    1. Priceless! Thanks for commenting!!

  3. I have missed you so much but I am thrilled you are staying in kindergarten! Fantastic! If you need anything you know where to find me...
    My Confession: I get so anxious right before I do a presentation that I feel like I can't breathe but once I get started I am a total drama queen and live in the moment. When I first open up I can hear my heart pounding in my ears. Do you think I might have a little "performance anxiety?" LOL

    1. I am sure I'll be asking for advice, Fran!

      I find it is easier to sing in front of a crowd of one thousand rather than a room of ten. Maybe you need a few spotlights--;-)

  4. Hi Chrissy! I love to bake and hate to cook also!! And when I do cook - I need a recipe! I wish I could be a cake designer/maker like the cake boss!

    MaMa Goose’s Kindergarten

    1. Oooh, let's make cupcakes! Project!

  5. I want to have Penelope Garcia's wardrobe and hutzpah. She is my hero. Only a few people really know that.


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