Monday, July 29, 2013

"Dream" #kinderblog13


Fairy Tales...
Once upon a time and then happily ever after,
in between there is a dream.
Sometimes the dream includes a nightmare, 
but I sleep each night hoping for sweetness.

In kindergarten, I dreamed of flying and writing stories and visiting far away places.
In 1st grade, I dreamed of having a dozen children and becoming an artist.
By the time I arrived in middle school, I was determined to
be an astronaut!
I had big dreams.
High School brought me back down to Earth, 
more focused on the dream of cheerleading and
dating the quarterback.
As I type this paragraph, I can see that most of the dreams came true.
Obviously, I'm not an astronaut and I didn't have 12 children, 
but I've experienced many of the things I dreamed.

Dreams come true.  More often than not, I think.
Scripture says that
"Out of the adundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." 
and "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he."
I believe our minds are linked to our hearts.
Listen to the words that come out of your mouth and 
you'll hear the position of your heart.
I'm not advocating "name it and claim it" theology---
I'm simply highlighting that we tend to meditate on the state of our hearts.
If we have a dream that we believe in,
we'll begin to find the path that will help us to achieve it.

Ultimately, my dreams focused in on 
creating a family and teaching kindergarten.
That's where I am today.

And I don't want to wake up.


  1. I loved the line about the fact that sometimes dreams include nghtmares, but we go to bed each night hoping for sweetness. It's just like school - sometimes we have bad days, but we go to school each day hoping it's going to be great. Nice post! :)

  2. Glad your dreams came true. I believe that when we identify our dreams/hopes, our minds are prepared to see and take opportunities to make them come true.


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