Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Biting My Tongue Through The SAT


200+ Minutes
8 Subtests
1 Group of Novices

So, yesterday, on the math subtest, a question of measurement was presented.
The word measurement was not in the question. 
 It went something like this:  "Maya is making oatmeal with her mother.  Which tool would Maya use to make oatmeal?  Mark under the space for the tool Maya would use."

1) Ruler  2)Wall Thermometer  3)Scale for humans  4)Measuring Cup

When I saw that two of my kinders had chosen the wall thermometer, and one had marked the ruler, I wanted to scream/squeal!  WHAT? WHY?!

I lost sleep last night because of this question!  (As I will tonight because of the blue squiggly line that several chose to represent "tree" on a map key.  !)  Then I thought, "Hey, maybe very few of my students have actually made oatmeal!  Maybe their only exposure to oatmeal is the packaged variety that gets dumped in hot water!!  Perhaps they have never made oatmeal cookies with mom.  Perhaps their cookie exposure has been limited to the break & bake variety!!!"

Seems possible, right?  Am I the only one who is tempted to spend the weekend "grading" the kindergarten SAT tests?


  1. Oh! My! Gosh! You poor thing! I totally had flashback to when I taught 2nd grade.

    Some of those questions...

  2. It actually makes me sick to my stomach that five year olds are taking a standardized test. I cannot buy into this. Assessments are fine but done in a non-threatening useful manner that drives instruction. Do not beat yourself up but maybe you can start cooking with them. Try simple things and create thinking maps to go with them. I made oatmeal with them on pajama day!
    You learn over time how to fill in the gaps and I still struggle to predict what they gaps will be.

  3. Deedee and Fran, you made my day!

    I've tried to make it a fun experience by working in extra recess breaks and surprising them with smarties/tootsie rolls. Our garden unit has also been a welcome distraction.

    Thanks for the encouragement; ladies, you are my heroes!


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