Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bunny Fun

This bunny was my art project for the kinders and first-graders last week.  Normally, I don't do cut-and-paste in art class, but this was too cute to pass up!  (Thank you, Mrs. Sommerville!)
Plus, I thought they looked like chocolate egg-shaped candy.  Yum!
I added the writing component for my kinders. Tomorrow, the children will discover that I added pockets to their bunnies & filled them with jelly beans!

We wrote sentences on the white board, then each child chose two for the writing activity.  Ava's 'bunny' words were missing the 'y' before we edited; nice work, Ava!

Can you find the backwards letter?  :-)
This one missed the editing process.  
The bunnies look even cuter living together on a bulletin board!


  1. This might be the cutest bunny I have ever seen. You should call the bulletin board Some "Bunny" Loves You! I am so corny. The giveaway has been so much fun for me... it's your turn next!
    Thanks for leaving me a comment!
    Love, Fran


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