Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I kicked off the week with a stellar book, 
The children were captivated by the bunnies in the illustrations.
Which led me to bring in my basket of stuffed bunnies just a wee bit earlier than I'd planned.
Hhhhhmmmm....I hope the carrots aren't missing from the garden tomorrow.

We 'planted' a garden on the white board, taking care to note that tomatoes grow on a vine and corn grows on a stalk.  My daddy always hoed crooked rows in our garden; they hold more seeds!  The children were intrigued by the concept and decided that we should test that theory on Friday.  (Where did I put the yarn ball?!)

The beans went home today, 
to flourish in a vented pot or sunny spot.
Ava's bean was our tallest sprout.  

She was so proud!

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