Monday, April 11, 2011

The First Day Of Kindergarten

Kindergarten Round-Up has begun.  A week-long event, with visitors spending one full day in kindergarten, our Round-Up is unique.  It's also a first for me.

Around this time of year, I try to remind myself that the fall will bring a new group of (somewhat) novice learners.  The easy transitions and smooth routines that are enjoyed today will need to be earned once again.  My little visitors have given me a head start on the reality check that is --drumroll-- The First Day Of Kindergarten.
  • New kindergartners are tiny!  Next to a group of six-year-olds, these barely-fives and still-fours seem so little!
  • They miss mommy.  And their lower lips might tremble every now and then.
  • The room/decor/stuff/ is a fascinating distraction from the work at hand.
  • Review, review, review the basics:  the toilet is there, the door opens here.
  • When in doubt, sing!  There is little room for misbehavior when hands are clapping and mouths are in unison.
  • The first days are exhausting, for them and for me.  Like me, maybe they didn't get much sleep the night before!?  (Last night, I topped out at three hours.  Yikes!)
  • A spontaneous hug from a new kindergartner is joy abundant.  As Charles Dickens said, "It is no small thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us."


  1. What a good reminder! Thanks!

  2. I'm 44 and I can still feel the absolute sadness that consumed me when I was told I couldn't take my blue mat home after my first day of kindergarten...and I can't lie to you, I still have that blue met. It's a little short for me now, but still beloved.


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