Friday, September 16, 2011

Character Study

I like to begin the topic of story elements with character studies.

After Fran shared the photos of Pete the Cat (nice job, Alicia!), I added that project to our study of shapes.  
During Reading, we made a character chart for Pete:
Winding up a social studies unit about communities, we made a character chart for The Little Red Hen:
This chart needs to be edited!  I should have written their thoughts as complete sentences.  Ah, we live and learn.

Next week, we will revisit The Little Red Hen and highlight action words on the chart.

What characters are you studying?

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  1. I love having you as a friend. You are the sweetest,kindest person I know and it is people like you that I blog for!
    Your Pete is so sweet. I love it!
    Tell the kids they did a wonderful job and I love their art so much!


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