Monday, October 3, 2011

September Recap

This is our mice puppet!  The assistant (this is one of our jobs) "wakes the mice" each day at morning circle.  Sometimes, the mice have messages and questions for the class.  Interestingly, I am the only person in the room who can speak Mice!

Mr. Munch :-)  He has been eating word families!

During the Farm Unit, we shucked corn, made popcorn, and shook cream until it turned into whipped cream.  Yes, I was hoping for butter, but the jar was too large!
My kinders are rockin' at
number/dice games!

In September, we focused on why and where we read.

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  1. Those mice puppets are too cute! Where did you find those? And I love how they are in a little box and someone has to wake them up. I need to add mice to my class meetings-I'm pretty sure I speak mice! I also like your reading anchor charts-we have been discussing those very same things in my class.
    Keen on Kindergarten


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