Friday, November 25, 2011

Dance Moms...In The House!

This post is for everyone who watched Dance Moms this past summer, with jaws dropped!

Abby Lee brought her truly fabulous reality show team to our city!  They participated in the Hollywood Vibe convention (where my daughter won a scholarship audition!!) and competed on Saturday evening.  Our girls were starry-eyed!  Signing the filming release forms--2nd season is taping now--increased the frenzy.
My girl, Abby Lee, and BFF

My girl and Paige's mom

Maddie, Amory, McKenzie
I met Abby Lee and what-you-see-is-what-you-get.......which was actually refreshing!  She posed for numerous photos, answered tons of questions, and managed to corral her dancers in the midst of it all.  As a close friend of our studio owner, Abby Lee came to see our dancers set their production number for competition, during this week's class.  No pressure, right?!

And, you may not see the picture of me with Abby Lee.  She made me stand in front of her!  There are people in this world who still remember me in my cheerleading uniform and I don't want to ruin that memory for them, lol!


  1. What!!?! How cool!! Is that show still airing? I haven't watched it since summer, but I loved it! That is so cool that you and your daughter got to meet them!!

  2. my daughter and I just read your post together after I yelled for her to come see because we were totally crazy for dance moms this summer. Talk about guilty pleasure!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

  3. I am sooooo addicted to Dance Mom's!!! I'm so jealous you met them! =)

  4. OH MY GOSH!!! You did have dish, girl! That is awesome! How nice of them to pose with everyone!! This is so cool, just sent it to my sister (like Reagan it was our guilty pleasure this summer!).
    Kristen :)


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