Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rubric ~~Freebie!

At fall conferences, a parent arrived with a 3" binder, filled with every paper I have created or graded for her child.  Her organizational skills were impressive.  During our discussion, she wished to know how I arrived at certain grades for certain projects... not just for the overall report card grades, but for each paper.
Again, her thoroughness was impressive.

Rather than take a mental trip down "I-thought-I-explained-things-rather-well-at-the-beginning-of-the-year" lane, I've been contemplating the rubric system for some of our projects.  Growing as an educator is part of the plan, right?!  

Voila!  This rubric is for a U.S. Flag writing/coloring project, using the "is" and "has" response grids.  (I think Fran created the project, but I need to go back and check!)  My report card uses a grading system of Outstanding, Satisfactory, and Needs Improvement, although the degrees are all percentage-based from an average of all scored work.  If you'd like to see rubrics with a different grading description, please leave a comment.  I'll be making more rubrics in the future--enjoy!  (If you see this before I can get back to the other desktop, to correct the verb tense in the rubric, please don't judge my writing skills, lol!)

Kindergarten Flag Rubric

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  1. Wow! I have taught K for over 20 years and I have never been asked to explain my scores for K work. You handled it beautifully! Gotta love the enthusiasm of this parent, but fear it a little too!
    I have never used a rubric for a project, but yours looks very clear. We don't have to grade projects, just give positive remarks or constructive somments. On the report card it is all standards based and scored. O S N is for social and work habits.
    Amazing how every school is different. Thanks for sharing!


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