Friday, August 12, 2011

Come on in....

It's ready!!  
The circle time/reading corner area of the room is ready for visitors on orientation night.
See the wheels on the left side of the picture?  That is a rolling clothes hanger; I turned it into a vocabulary wall with the help of a shower curtain and painter's tape.

The work tables hold parent folders and the basket holds scavenger hunt clipboards  (Thank you, Little Warriors!).
The white baskets will hold community supplies, as parents bring in the tissues, etc.  I am still on the hunt for a perfect rug, to use in front of the easel.
This is another view, which shows the area I created for my desk and bookshelves.  I'm not there much, so moving it to a corner was helpful in opening up the middle space in the room.  Bonus: no one can see me through the door windows, when I am planning or eating lunch!
The daily schedule is easy to change as needed.
These are the awesome charts from Target!

Our curriculum introduces a new "service" word each week.   This year, I wanted a dedicated space, to highlight the letters and sounds, word families, and sight words in the weekly plans.

PLEASE tell me if you created these amazing pages!    (I know the original pdf is in my hard drive somewhere, but my husband is begging for his dinner!)  I placed them on the board for parents to see at orientation.  Soon, these will go into a table binder for literacy block.
Behavior Wall....I can't wait to see how this works!  
Job Chart...students' names will rotate down each day.  
I might find a few leis for the vacationing kiddos!
"Hugs" for the mommies and daddies


  1. Do you only have 11 students?! I'm sooo jealous! I'm up to 23 this year, and I've never had more than 18 before. Not looking forward to the huge class size at all!

    Your room looks great...did you do the murals on the walls or were they already there?

    Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper

  2. Fantastic walls!!!!!! I want to be in your class!!!! :) And I have the same question - do you only have 11 kiddos? I have 31 - and I'm sick with jealousy!!!!!!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. *wincing* Yes, I have the moment. But, the limit is 15. I'm sorry! It is a private school; there are benefits AND drawback$.

    The school meets in the education wing of a church. My room is used by the church for a few hours each week. Last year, a painter was commissioned to design a "kids around the world" theme throughout the children's department. The kindergarten room is in a hallway that is painted with wall-sized train cars. It is very eye-catching!

    Thanks for leaving comments! I'll be by to visit ya'll!

  4. Your room looks fantastic, I really like how you arranged your desks, might be hard with a class of 26!

    Which document were you having trouble with, I would be happy to send it to you. The fonts I used were doodle tipsy, CK handprint and smily monster.

    Hope this helps!

    The Accidental Teacher

  5. Love your room! So colorful and happy! Your kiddos are so lucky. =)


  6. Amazing mural! I agree with the waxing the floor stuff, I can't get in until August 28!!!

    Miss B, Busy Bee


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