Thursday, August 25, 2011

Patterns, People, & Playdo

What did I do before the age of digital?!  
I LOVE documenting the action in my classroom!
"Read To Self"...on the fifth day, we managed 5 minutes!

"Read To Someone"...elbow to elbow, knee to knee
Happy Families
(The page is from a Student Portfolio, created by Melissa Dillard at

Thank you, Melissa!)

The span of abilities in kindergarten is huge.
(Did you make this?  I can't find the source!)

Yippee, the number isn't backwards!
(Thank you, Kim Jordano, for a fab idea!)

We've done two days of math stations.  They love checking the pocket chart for rotations!
The first two letters and sounds in our reading series are t and i.
We will read "it" tomorrow!

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