Friday, August 5, 2011

I Met A Master

Mrs. Wills, you are an INSPIRATION!

Deedee Wills graciously allowed me to visit her in-progress classroom.  I now know how to assemble a coconut tree, attach a word wall to concrete, assemble poetry and word work stations, and cover a desk chair!  I also met Theodora, the guinea pig, coveted the library book nook, sang praises for the math boxes, and basically felt like Dorothy in the Land Of Oz; the entire school is gorgeous!

Mrs. Wills, this post is a shout-out to your talent and generosity!
Thank you for sharing your world with me!!
Isn't she sweet?!  
I, however, am now convinced that I need a new hairstyle.  
And maybe a personal trainer.


  1. Love the coconut tree. Can you share how you created it?


  2. I had a great time seeing you too. I grabbed this tree design from the FabUlous Deanna Jump! If you go to her page and search "tree" you will find it. If I EVER get my room finished, I will link up to it.

    Crissy, you are lovely in EVERY way!

    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

  3. How awesome! I'd love to meet Deedee someday :)

  4. Deedee is the bomb!!! She is the nicest, most helpful blogger out there!!!! I'd LOVE to meet her in real life....hopefully I will some day since she is my closest blogging neighbor:)
    Little Warriors


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