Thursday, August 18, 2011

We Have Work To Do...

Pencil grip is such a hard habit to break!
(Oooh, I just heard a "Chicago" tune roll through my mind.)

This pic was taken AFTER two children 
had done a clean-up of the paper scraps.
Holding scissors properly is 

ALSO a challenging skill.

Day One--Self-Portraits
You can tell so much about a child's development 

from the details in his/her 
drawings of people.

Splat came back!  
He will begin his home visits next week.
He has a small, red backpack that holds 

his journal and one of his books.  
The children take him home
for a few days, read to him, 

and draw a picture for him.
He is our class mascot!


  1. Love the self portraits and the cute frames.

    I have a little activity that I use to help with scissors skills over a Teachers Notebook. I understand about the lessons "already" learned at home or preschool.

  2. Yup my will look like this too. I will be checking back to see all the growth you will make with them!

  3. Love the pic of the table "after" the kids had cleaned up---my students are still working on how to clean up too! I know what you mean about needing to take a 3-hour nap after school-I have been coming home every day this week and just laying on the couch for at least an hour before I can do anything! Beginning of the year kinders sure can be tiring! We should definitely visit this year-it would be fun to set up a little get together with any St. Louis area teacher bloggers.
    Keen on Kindergarten

  4. I love your pictures and descriptions! A picture is worth a thousand words!!!
    Any chance you would be willing to shar a copy of the portrait paper?
    Thanks so much! I will continue to follow your blog!

  5. Maryann, I downloaded the portrait paper from another teacher--let me look through my Google Docs and find the source (which I need to credit!!!).



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