Sunday, January 29, 2012

Book-Writing Checklist~~Freebie!

Deedee and Meredith inspired me to let my kindergartners "take-off" with authoring and illustrating books!  Last week, we completed a simple "I like...." writing format.  I want to send these home with an evaluation, to give the parents a picture of what I expect.

TA-DA!  I hope this will be helpful to you, too!

Uh-Oh....what happened to Scribd?????!!!!!
Book Writing Checklist


  1. Ok, that checklist is super cute. I am stealing that. I need one of those for each quarter that gets progressively harder. I am SOOOO glad your kinders like book making. Did you make the heart crayons yet? Now I want to make specials crayons for every holiday! And, btw...I sooo don't belong on TPT-I have no idea what I'm doing. Hope you and your kinders are having a great week!
    Keen on Kindergarten

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